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We strive to transform the power industry by helping the world benefit from the latest groundbreaking solutions, turning the power industry
into a digitized, efficient, and cleaner market.


How we work


Trusted Advisor

For more than a decade, NakiTech has been a trusted advisor and thought leader in the energy industry. We’re proud of the close relationships we have with utility companies, energy providers, and other industry leaders around the globe.

To stay on top of market trends and maintain direct insight into what the industry needs, our work focuses on the broad industry ecosystem, including groundbreaking initiatives and frameworks.

Using that knowledge and experience, we’ve built numerous go-to-market tools and initiatives for energy solution vendors. Our clients may take advantage of already established activities and we work with them to execute a tailored plan to maximize opportunities for their business growth.


Our Belief

The energy market is going through a disruptive change, presenting enormous opportunities for vendors of relevant solutions. However, vendors are facing several challenges when approaching the legacy energy providers market, including fear of change, long sales cycles, inadequate customer procedures, and slow approval pace.

We believe that true innovation cannot be enforced, it must be embraced.

To reduce the natural resistance of most people and organizations to change and create business opportunities for our clients, we identify early adopters and ensure they understand their benefits from adopting new solutions and procedures, both as individuals and as organizations.
WAt NakiTech, we focus on understanding the relevant stakeholders, including their needs and challenges. By identifying business opportunities and effective measures, we accelerate the introduction of new solutions and procedures.


Our Approach

NakiTech is breaking down barriers to the adoption of innovation by utility and energy providers.

We have a well-established network that includes utility providers, industry leaders, and other relevant players. By understanding their unique needs, challenges, and expectations, we can identify opportunities for swift and effective adoption of new solutions. We’re in the perfect position to introduce our clients, the industry’s innovators, to the energy providers that need them most.

Our approach enables energy providers and solution vendors to effectively collaborate, helping our clients avoid the typical obstacles that prevent quick wins. As a result, we’re helping everyone move into the future of the energy industry.


Our Team

Our core team and selected group of affiliated consultants, enables us to deliver what you need, where you need it, and when you need it.


Elad Shaviv

Managing Director

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Ren Yu Jiang


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Kishor Narang


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Tod Hays

United States

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Eric Selmon

United States

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François Le Scornet 


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Ragnvald Naero


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Inbar Shaviv

Operations Manager

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