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Client Testimonials


“Our top priority when engaging NakiTech was to quickly identify a friendly pilot site in our main target market. NakiTech carefully analyzed our offering and needs, and within three months we had pilot agreements signed with two different customers who perfectly met our needs, a process that typically takes years.."

Amir Cohen , CEO, EGM


“NakiTech guidance and mentorship to our leadership team was invaluable in crafting a successful spin-off. Elad's experience and competence helped us to take our great concept and make it a viable business, and he was always available when needed even long after we have finalized the formal engagement."

Robert Strods & Oleg Labetski, Co Founder s Hygen Group/ GasLiner


“NakiTech familiarity with the relevant market players enabled us to get quick and accurate market feedback, crucial to our evaluation process of new verticals. Moreover, the engagement with NakiTech  initiated immediate business opportunities."

Assaf Sayada , VP Corporate & Business Development, mPrest 


“NakiTech became an integral part of our core team and was fundamental for our assessments of potential strategic investment and growth opportunities. Their practical approach and industry engagement, led us to new innovative and successful opportunities beyond our original plans."

Tal OhanaMayor of Yerucham


“As Tiger looked to expand operations in new geographical regions we turned to Elad for
guidance and advice. Elad is a consummate professional, and his knowledge and expertise in
creating a Go To Market strategy proved invaluable to our efforts.


I can unreservedly recommend Elad and his company."

Stephen McCallum, Managing Director, Tiger Communications

Group 461-1.png

“MicroStrategy had an executive sponsor to support a joint go-to-market strategy with Cisco.  Moreover, MicroStrategy was working closely with a Cisco Partner Manager on the tactical execution.  However, in working with NakiTech, it became clear that their knowledge and understanding of Cisco provided MicroStrategy with a unique perspective on how to make our plan most relevant to Cisco where it would matter most - in the field."

Tim Bradley, SVP, MicroStrategy Cloud

Glue network

“The value of the Cisco GTM program and the follow-up support in executing the plan, delivered by NakiTech, was apparent and immediate by taking the engagement we already had with Cisco and converting it into a structured, scalable plan with specific identified audiences. Engaging with NakiTech is a leveraged move for organizations seeking more advanced business cooperation with Cisco.”

Jeff Gray, CEO of Glue Networks

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“As Veeam Software was launching our alliance with Cisco Systems we engaged NakiTech to accelerate our go-to-market planning and insure that our sales plans and marketing were well aligned with Cisco’s Data Center and Virtualization priorities. Elad Shaviv is a talented sales executive well connected within Cisco’s sales and CDN organizations, and his guidance helped Veeam very quickly take full advantage of the many CDN benefits available to ISVs. I would highly recommend this service to any company embarking on a new alliance with Cisco.”

Cynthia Bogolub, Director Cisco Global Alliance, Veeam Software


“As a start up, navigating the Cisco waters can be a daunting task. Elad took the time to fully understand our business model and helped us develop a go-to-market strategy that will position is for substantial growth.  Elad's experience and professionalism were just what we needed to move into the right position with Cisco."

Mike Stuart, Vice President of Business Development 


“We engaged with the GTM program and NakiTech to help us maximize the value of our Cisco relationships. Elad’s knowledge of Cisco’s workings, coupled with his access to internal Cisco resources, helped him provide us with a solid and fact based go-to-market plan for dealing with Cisco and its market partners. I would not hesitate to recommend this program to any organization interested in improving their market relations and increasing business with the Cisco ecosystem.”

Rob McDougall, President, Upstream Works Software Ltd.


“Running a significant portion of our business in collaboration with Cisco, we started the GTM planning project with Elad Shaviv, confident that we know what there is to know about Cisco. The value of the project was immediate, from the first workshop where the Cisco maze started to make sense, and throughout the project by strategic and tactic guidance provided by Elad, resulting with better alignment of our existing resources and activities to achieve wider exposure and tighter cooperation.”

Amir Rosenzweig, VP Business Development, Redline Communications


“The GTM plan with Elad was valuable in many aspects, the most notable value was Elad’s guidance of how to modify and significantly improve the ROI of our already on-going activities with Cisco. Elad is very professional and it was a great pleasure working with him.”

Massimiliano Picchi, Sales Manager, Imagicle


“Cisco always seemed to us as being an uncharted territory on a high mountain behind a thick wall, where people spoke a strange language. Under these circumstances it was very challenging to develop commerce. I cannot stress enough our appreciation to be able to work with Elad Shaviv who became our guide to this great and mysterious land to show us the path of mutual benefit and co-operation.”

Bruno Weinberger, Managing Director, EMEA, Algosec


“Imperva is excited about collaborating with Cisco to streamline our Web Application Firewall deployment in Cisco virtual networks. The GTM plan delivered by Elad Shaviv of NakiTech clearly articulated possible challenges and recommended activities and teams important to the success of this endeavor. His support through the initial phases has led to quick and impressive business results.”

Farzad Tari, Imperva VP of Business Development


Thank you for the professional approach and efforts. We are happy with the outcomes and intend to take advantage of the plan.”

Avi Rosenfeld, Director of Business Partners & Alliances, NICE Systems, EMEA


“Thank you so much, Elad. It is a very clear plan and I appreciate the specific tactical items and how they were laid out.”

Cindy Sauvignon, VP Channels, ParAccel

Group 456-1.png

“For Groopex, though engaging closely with Cisco, the GTM program delivered by Elad Shaviv, was the right program at the right time. Mr. Shaviv, possess a grand knowledge and understanding of Cisco's network and structure, but most important, he grasped very well the needs of our company and worked tirelessly to create the proper marketing structure within Cisco, his guidance and direction were unequivocally valuable and essential to our company's growth.”

Joshua Geller, COO,  Groopex

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