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Industry Engagement

NakiTech continuously invests in industry engagement and leadership  activities under three main areas.

Engagement model

Leading Communities

Energy & Innovation Leaders

Created and managed by NakiTech, the Global Energy Innovation Leaders (GEIL) Group consists of 30+ innovation energy company managers that regularly meet to share experience and address common challenges. 


The Israeli Smart Energy Association, ISEA, is a not-for-profit industry association, bringing together local and global smart energy players and stakeholders to share knowledge, drive initiatives, and build partnerships.

Digital Substations 

Formed and managed by Elad Shaviv, MD of NakiTech, this group brings substation professionals from European and American utilities together  to share knowledge and experience in defining the value that digital substations contributes to current  utility business driven solutions.


Projects & Partners



NakiTech is proud to be selected by Cisco to deliver customized Go To Market programs for select technology partners. NakiTech personnel have been granted "employee level" access to Cisco resources to enhance their ability to assist these select partners.


Microgrid Israel Ltd. (MGI), a partially owned subsidiary of NakiTech, has emerged as the provider-of-choice for Israel's emerging microgrid market. The active engagement with MGI’s projects, brings real world deployment knowledge and opportunities to NakiTech clients.


To ensure we are in the forefront of innovation in the energy market,  NakiTech’s team continuously assumes leadership roles at energy pilot projects around the world. Examples of such projects:

  • Pan European zero energy settlement pilot project

  • Israeli microgrid management pilot

  • US campus-grid energy coordination pilot project

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Standards & WG

NakiTech’s team are active in a verity of standards and working groups as:

  • Digital Substations “Value Creation Think Tank”

  • The Global Energy Innovation Leaders Group

  • CIRED WG 2019-02 “Microgrids Business Models and regulatory issues” Working group.

  • Smart Cities standards (Israel) expert group

  • IEC SEG6. Microgrids and Non-traditional Distribution Networks expert group

Events & Leadership

Our team’s leadership is being acknowledged by the frequent invites to speak and to lead industry events:

Research & Studies

To share our team’s familiarity with the changing energy market and new technologies, we frequently lead and engage industry studies and researches, some examples: :

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